Kathy Sullivan Evans - Author, Storyteller

Other works from Kathy Sullivan Evans

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Kathy Sullivan Evans is a Tampa native that after a successful career in Construction Project Management, has authored two previous books entitled “If Our Table Could Talk”, a family history chronicling the ownership of their dining room table and “It Was One of Those Moments”, a collection of short stories, poems and photographs.  She's also a Contributing Author for the upcoming "365 Soulful Messages" book that will be released in November, 2019.  She is now working diligently to complete her first novel about a 50-year family secret involving her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, entitled “A Senseless Shame”.  She’s married with three grown sons, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  Since retiring 5 years ago, she has pursued her two favorite passions – photography and writing. She hopes to engage in a photography exhibition this year of black & white photographs entitled “Choices” depicting examples of opposing life choices. You are invited to view examples of her writings on her site at www.amazon.com/author/kathyevans.